Epic Pickles

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Fennel Carrots - EPIC Pickles says “Bizarre sounding - yes. Amazing - holy friggin' cow! The sweetness of the carrots and anise of the fennel pair like a couple in love”

Spicy Dills - EPIC makes these rockin’ spicy spears. Serranos give the perfect kick. We eat them with everything.

Kosher Dills - EPIC Pickles makes these classic koshers. With good garlic, dill, and plenty of salt and tang, they’re exactly what you expect (in the best way.)

Spicy Okra - EPIC Pickles makes probably the best okras we’ve ever had. Sour and spicy, they’re always the first to disappear at the party.

Sweet and Spicy - EPIC Pickles makes sweet and spicy pickle chips that we can’t not put on every sandwich we eat.