Winter Cheese

We love to eat cheese all year round but Summertime cheese is very different from Wintertime cheese. So, what are we eating right now? Hard alpine style cheeses, cheddars, and washed rind gooey cheeses of course.

Hard alpine style cheeses and cheddars, made with milk that has aged over many months, is versatile, travels well, and is delicious with nearly everything. Plain on baguette or crackers, as a side with braised meat, or cut into scrambled eggs, these cheeses are always a crowd pleaser. 

Washed rind gooey cheeses are great warming stinky gems perfect for a night in with a glass of anything delicious. Our favorite right now is Rush Creek Reserve from Uplands Dairy Company. This very limited release washed rind cheeses is made in the style of Vacherin Mont d'Or using only the summer milk from their herd of cows. This milk is very high in protein and solids which makes it beautifully suited to soft cheese production. How do we eat it? Let it warm up, cut off the top and spoon it onto warm bread with salami and mustard. So yummy.

While the winter months can feel long and dark, there's nothing quite like cheese to carry you through.